Domaine du Gouyat - Réserve Rouge - A.O.C Bergerac

The trio Merlot-Malbec-Cabernet franc offers fruit, dense but supple tannins, and spices: a pure Bergerac, evoking its preserved landscape.

Cépages : 70% Merlot 15% Malbec 15% Cabernet Franc

AOC Bergerac & Montravel

The Dubard vineyards have been established since 1977 in Montravel, a prestigious appellation located west of Bergerac. Asteria limestone, in the prolongation of the plateau of St Emilion formed eroding marked reliefs. Our vineyards extend on these poor fertile and draining terraces on the edge of the Dordogne, in the heart of a rare polyculture landscape. This natural setting, which we are keen to reveal, is enhanced by the Level 3 High Environmental Value certification.